Sales (E-Commerce) Site


This can be simple or complex depending on the number of products you offer and how much automation and reporting you need the site to do. This can be an extension of the static website (see above). As an example of how the complexity can change, consider the following:

  • Perhaps you sell one product and need a way to accept orders through your website, this can be achieved very simply and linked to a "checkout service" such as Paypal or Google Checkout.
  • If you have a large number of products in different categories and need to be able to allow customers to accumulate a shopping cart of items before they actually checkout either through a third party service (on a third party site) or on your own site (using third party authentication).
  • Maybe you have digital content such as software, music or training that you want to make available for download once a customer has paid.

  • Design Cutz
  • Eclectic Revival
  • Big Bad Bags
  • Orlando Villa 2 Rent
  • EDA4All Inc.
  • HockeyTUL
  • Rixiant Corporation