PTC Accounting & Finance


We are the "specialized specialist". We have chosen to focus solely on contract opportunities, in finance and accounting, and only in Southern Ontario. We know our business. Well.

What differentiates us at PTC is how we deliver our services to you. We are a highly respected, highly reputable company with a diverse and constant flow of new accounting and finance opportunities. Our bulls-eye philosophy matches candidates' talent and personality to the right company in the shortest amount of time, ensuring a perfect fit for all parties involved.

At PTC, we believe that contract accounting is a lifestyle - one that truly provides you with control over how much you earn, how many months per year you are employed and which skills you want to build. Best of all, you are paid what you are worth for each and every hour. Contract staffing in the accounting and finance area is a highly specialized area of operation, calling for our expertise. Our Client Relations Team is a diverse group of talented and highly trained accounting professionals. Each Manager of Interim Resource Solutions brings valuable industry experience, combined with a savvy and understanding of the contract marketplace. At PTC, we speak your language.