The Dream Dealer



We visit the homeless and get them food, clothing and temporary shelter. Furthermore, we dedicate our time to help with solutions for the future, which has included educations, jobs, and homes. We use our personal homes to help others, we bring in people and we grow together. We provide daily counseling and assistance to help these individuals get off the streets, and maximize their potential in life. Many sacrifices are made, so that these people can be helped. Our words are full and action is taken on a daily basis.

Internationally we have our own local team in Kiev, Ukraine. We have also partnered with Mercy Projects and our focus is on the younger generation, the two million "children at risk" living in the former Soviet Union regions who need assistance to become healthy well adjusted adults. We identify those at risk and design support programs together with mercy projects and ministry partners to assist young people in their development.

We have also developed a local team in Haiti. Currently we are working hard together to raise funds for a youth development program. Our vision is to assist the millions of children who are affected by poverty, remain on the streets, jobless and battle to survive on a daily basis. Our focus is on the younger generations; we want to have an outreach center where youth and young adults can go to, to be further assisted in becoming self-sufficient.